A look at the software
Purpose:WordMill automates the production of court and government filings that must be filed on forms provided by the agency.

WordMill specializes in the production of forms which cannot be created & completed economically with traditional word processing software.

WordMill automatically saves, manages, and facilitates retrieval of forms, making even complex filings quick and easy!

WordMill utilizes True Type reproductions of the original forms and prints the entire completed form on plain paper.

All forms are visible and completely editable in WYSIWYG format for incredible ease of use.

Database features: All data fields are connected to a built-in database to allow extensive sharing of data between related forms, saving tremendous amounts of redundant typing over the course of litigation.

Database features also allow for the creation of unlimited preset banks of commonly used data (such as firm and large client information) that may be inserted instantly.

Wherever possible, WordMill performs all calculations of elapsed time, interest, and any other calculations necessary.
Training: If your staff could complete the forms with a typewriter, they can complete them in a fraction of the time with WordMill. All functions are triggered with a clearly labeled button bar. All labels are in simple text - No need to guess at inscrutable cartoons. Extensive prompting is included on the screens to direct the user in completing tasks.
Longevity: WordMill is built with industry standard Microsoft database authoring tools to help ensure compatibility with evolving equipment and software. The actual programs are split into two main files. One contains the forms programming and the other the data. This allows for quick updates of the forms as they change and for painless migration of data across versions.

WordMill Software is compatible with any of the current Microsoft operating systems. It has been successfully employed on systems running Windows 95, NT 3.51, 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.
Updates: Update files are created by WordMill as needed. Updates may be furnished to those users with E-mail for instant access to the latest forms. All updates within the first year after purchase are provided at no charge to the user. Thereafter they are never more than 50% of the original price.

Updates are automatically mailed/e-mailed to registered clients. They are also available from the UPDATES page at this site.
Multi-User: All WordMill packages are completely network savvy. Installations may be configured to suit the needs of the MIS department, with stand-alone, data only on server, or complete system and data on server. Multiple users may attach to a shared to central data file(s).