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Original release date: 12/18/1998 - Last updated: 5/31/2004
Form Name: Rev:
AC-2 Permanent Authorization 7/2/1997
AC-3 Temporary Authorization to Review Information 7/2/1997
C-108 Request for Waiver of Appeal 9/1/1997
C-110 Agreement to Select the State of Ohio as the State of Exclusive Remedy 10/23/1997
C-133 Lost Warrant Affidavit 11/1/1979
C-140 Application for Wage Loss Compensation 8/14/1997
C-140 Pg. 2 Medical Report
C-141 Wage Loss Statement For Job Search 8/12/1997
C-167-T Objection to Tentative Order Awarding Permanent Partial Disability Compensation 12/5/1997
C-17 Pharmacy Invoice 2/1/1992
C-181 Fee Bill Inquiry 12/1/1990
C-19 Service Invoice 7/23/1997
C-23 Change of Physician Notice 8/22/1997
C-230 Authorization to Receive Workers' Compensation Check 8/14/1997
C-240 Settlement Agreement and Application for Approval of Settlement Agreement 3/23/1998
C-241 Amended Settlement Agreement and Release 3/23/1998
C-44 Physician's Certificate in Proof of Death 12/1/1992
C-5 Additional Information for Death Benefits 9/9/1996
C-58 Application for Adjustment of Claim in Case of Fatal Injury 10/1/1991
C-59 Self-Insurers' Agreement as to Compensation on Account of Death 2/1/1986
C-60 Travel Expense Statement 6/19/1997
C-77 Injured Worker's Change of Address Notification 11/12/1997
C-84 Request for Temporary Total Compensation 9/24/1997
C-84 Instructions
C-86 Motion 10/21/1998
C-9 Physician's Report/Treatment Plan for Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease 4/21/1998
C-92 Application for the Determination of the Percentage of Permanent Partial Disability 10/30/1997
C-92-A Application for Increase in Percentage of Permanent Partial Disability 9/24/1997
C-94-A Wage Statement 9/2/1997
FROI-1 First Report of an Injury, Occupational Disease or Death 2/1/1998
IC-MED-5 Affidavit 1/1/1985
MEDCO-8 Pg 2 Self-Insured Employer/Injured Worker Screening 8/30/1995
MEDCO-8 Pg. 1 Self-Insured Employer/Injured Worker Screening 8/30/1995
O-D-4A Attending Physician's Report of Occupational Disease
OD-58-22 Application for Adjustment of Claim in Case of Death Due to Occupational Disease 7/1/1993
OIC 1004 Request for Continuance 2/1/1998
OIC 3000 Notice of Appeal 7/1/1998
OIC 3003 Application for Lump Sum Payment 5/1/1984
OIC 3012 Application for Compensation for Permanent Total Disability 8/1/1998
OIC 3017 Application for Payment of Compensation Accrued at Time of Death 5/1/1984
OIC 3018 Application for Additional Award for Violation of Specific Requirements in a Workers' Comp. Claim 7/1/1988
OIC 3019 Application for Additional Awards for Violation of Specific Requirement 3/1/1989
OIC 3022 Certificate for Lump Sum Payment of Attorney Fees 11/1/1990
OIC 3050 Request for .522/.52 Relief 1/1/1998
OIC-1084 Settlement of Alleged Violation of a Specific Safety Requirement 7/1/1991
OIC-2013 Agreement as to Compensation for Permanent Disability 1/6/1994
OIC-2020 Pg. 1 Report of Special Eye Examination 12/1/1986
OIC-2020 Pg. 2 Report of Special Eye Examination 12/1/1986
OIC-3002 IC-90 Employee's Notice of Election to Receive Compensation for Partial Disability 5/1/1984
OIC-3004 IC-88 Application for Reconsideration 9/1/1995
R-1 Authorization of Representative of Employer 12/1/1988
R-2 Authorization of Representative of Claimant 3/10/1998
R-3 Request to Inspect Claim File or to Obtain Screens 12/1/1988
SI-28 Filing of Complaint Against a Self-Insured Employer 4/30/1996
SI-42 Self Insured Joint Settlement Agreement and Release 12/1/1997
SI-43 Acknowledgement of the Self Insured Joint Settlement Agreement and Release 10/1/1997
U-136 Request for Election of Coverage for Ministers or Associate Ministers 12/2/1996
U-3 Application for Coverage 6/26/1997
U-3-B Application for Household Domestic Employees Only 11/17/1995
U-9 Application for Transfer of Workers' Compensation Account and Premium Obligation to Succeeding Employer 1/1/1988

Product update history (by date, descending order):

Date of Change Change(s) Made
8/4/2001 6:01:58 AM upgraded print routine
10/5/2000 3:34:18 PM fixed Win2000 Epson printing problem
8/23/2000 4:02:52 PM added 5 forms
8/3/2000 11:43:01 AM Fixed form names on 108, 181, 42 & 43
6/14/2000 4:47:59 PM fixed defaults
6/14/2000 2:35:36 PM created speed form for form 3012
6/12/2000 5:42:25 PM added OIC 3012
6/1/2000 4:31:23 PM Updated C-86, minor change on C-240
5/31/2000 11:15:10 AM Speed forms added for 3018, 3019
5/31/2000 8:16:24 AM Added forms C-133, OIC-1004, 3000, 3017, 3018, 3019, 3022, 3050, O-D-4a
5/26/2000 5:53:18 PM added forms 7242, 7243, 1231, 1308
5/16/2000 5:22:49 PM fixed form 240
5/16/2000 2:43:38 PM spelling corrections
5/16/2000 11:38:17 AM fixed 5 forms
5/16/2000 10:05:58 AM cosmetic changes to several forms
5/15/2000 6:03:15 PM multiple forms now working
5/11/2000 4:46:39 PM c-110, c-140
5/9/2000 6:16:01 PM all forms worked over, template, robot
5/4/2000 1:54:44 PM NT page width issue
4/30/2000 4:56:34 PM requery before print