WordMill National Labor Relations Board Software
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Ver. 2 software (4.7MB)
For Windows 3.11, 95, 98, ME, 2000, and XP. NOTE: It is not necessary to update a new installation.

Original release date: 2/22/1999 - Last updated: 8/4/2001
Form Name: Rev:
NLRB-31 Subpoena Duces Tecum 2/1/1997
NLRB-32 Subpoena 2/1/1997
NLRB-4701 Notice of Appearance 3/1/1983
NLRB-4813 Notice of Designation of Representative as Agent for Service of Documents 11/1/1981
Return of Service

Product update history (by date, descending order):

Date of Change Change(s) Made
8/4/2001 9:01:33 AM upgraded print routine
10/5/2000 3:02:56 PM fixed Win2000 Epson printer problem
7/17/2000 2:30:01 PM fixed check boxes
7/17/2000 2:04:39 PM fixed subpoena index problem
7/17/2000 1:19:11 PM speed forms fixed
5/4/2000 4:42:18 PM NT page width issue
4/30/2000 4:47:44 PM requery before print