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Original release date: 5/9/2001 - Last updated: 8/2/2001
Form Name: Rev:
Form 180 - Request Pertaining To Military Records 3/1/1999
IRS 4506 Request for Copy of Tax Form 5/1/1997
Longshore Claims Records
LS-1 Request for Examination and/or Treatment 5/1/1998
LS-18 Pre-Hearing Statement 6/1/1997
LS-200 Report of Earnings 5/1/1998
LS-201 Notice of Employee's Injury or Death 1/1/1999
LS-202 Employer's First Report of Injury or Occupational Illness 10/1/1998
LS-203 Employee's Claim for Compensation 9/1/1998
LS-204 Attending Physician's Supplementary Report 5/1/1998
LS-206 Payment of Compensation Without Award 6/1/1997
LS-207 Notice of Controversion of Right to Compensation 6/1/1997
LS-208 Notice of Final Payment or Suspension of Compensation Payments 6/1/1998
LS-210 Employer's Supplementary Report of Accident or Occupational Illness 10/1/1998
LS-222 Carrier's or Self Insurer's Report on Rehabilitation to District Director 6/1/1997
LS-226a Subpoena Duces Tecum 3/1/1985
LS-262 Claim for Death Benefits 9/1/1998
LS-265 Certification of Funeral Expenses 1/1/1997
LS-266 Application For Continuation of Death Benefit For Student 6/1/1997
LS-33 Approval of Compromise of Third Person Cause of Action 9/1/1974
Maersk ACCIDENT Report
Maersk INCIDENT Report
Medical Records
OSHA 101 Supplementary Record of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses 2/1/1981
OSHA 200 Log and Summary of Occupational Injuries and Illnesses
Prior Employment Records
Social Security Disability Records
SSA-7050-F3 Request for SSA Earnings Info 10/1/1986
Veterans Administration Records

Product update history (by date, descending order):

Date of Change Change(s) Made
8/2/2001 3:08:21 PM upgraded print routine
5/24/2001 4:05:03 PM improved import/export routine
5/17/2001 11:39:17 AM touchup on email routine
5/15/2001 11:01:35 PM minor changes made to import routine
5/9/2001 3:26:53 PM Added location field to Maersk forms
5/7/2001 11:38:23 PM Added Maersk Speed Forms
5/7/2001 6:24:11 PM Added custom Maersk forms